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Improving lives through responsible operations

The world requires energy, and AL Mahaya is dedicated to supporting a lower-carbon future. We continuously improve our business practices and align operations to responsibly deliver solutions designed to reinforce our customers’ commitments to sustainability. From risk management to performance optimization, we collaborate with operators to minimize our impact on the environment.

chemical gas reduction

We use the power of science, insights, and experience to design and deliver technology with impact. As stewards of our environment, our goal is to minimize emissions and enhance the operational effectiveness of our customers and ourselves. We are dedicated to continuous progress and improvements – AL Mahaya projects actively underway include lighting and machine efficiency upgrades, manufacturing process optimization, heating recovery and more.

Minimizing waste, conserving operational resources

Our waste reduction efforts focus on diverting waste, conserving operational resources, and helping the communities we serve. All AL Mahaya manufacturing and distribution sites must manage waste responsibly. Additionally, we actively seek opportunities to recycle operational materials where possible and within acceptable practice. We have partner with vendors to implement recycling programs that allow us to collectively reduce our environmental impact.

Shrinking our footprint

AL Mahaya aims to foster a healthy environment for our employees and the communities in which we operate. We continuously monitor our energy consumption at facilities across the globe, looking for creative solutions to reduce our impact on the environment.

Editorial: Sustainability at the Center

AL Mahaya External Technology & Strategy, introduces an industry-first methodology to calculate the carbon footprint of AL-Mahaya oilfield chemicals while explaining why sustainability is central to our culture.